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This is a site where you can find out what is going on in the McKinney's world. To see our full story look into the archives. I am biased for sure, but God is in and through our whole story in adopting our son, Jaxon.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot July

Good Morning! It has been super hot and super crazy here in the Mckinney house. I wanted to share a few pictures. PS Jaxon just started to crawl! Watch out. Fun stuff.

Below Michelle is feeding Jaxon at a place called Big Bear. A popular mountain get away for a lot of peeps here in So Cal. You can ski in the winter and boat in the summer. We had never been there so we loaded up the Escape and headed there last weekend. It felt like a mini vacation we were gone basically from 6am to 11pm. Anywho....

Our little man is a crack up. He can sit up by himself. Like I said earlier he can crawl. Hold his own bottle...Letti i'm sure you'd appreciate that!

Obviously, Jaxon get's a lot of lovin' from mom and dad.

Bath time is a favorite for Jaxon. He likes to play in the water quite a bit. And you should know he liked the Caribbean ocean water a lot more than the California water. Jaxon did so good in the Dominican. He is definitely a well traveled boy.

Speaking of the Dominican i am including a link to one of my team-members web sites for pictures. Click on the picture and then select slide show to view the pictures.

You will see quite a bit of pictures of the DR/our team/the church we are building/Jaxon stuff.

Have a cool day.

mm&j any of you know how to put video on this blog site stuff...i have several quick time files of jaxon crawling etc...that i would like to share with folks. you can email me:

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Time Is Here

Sorry for the long void in any kind of post what so ever...

The following pictures were taken over the last month or so. Jaxon is about 15 or so pounds and growing. Thank you for all your prayers and interest.
Well you can't really see Jaxon in the picture above however he is there and we had a fun day at the beach. Fonda, one of Michelle's aunts, got him a wetsuit so...we headed to the beach to try it out!

So the water was a bit cold and Jaxon needless to say was a bit intimidated by the whole thing. But our little man pushed on with confidence, confidence that dad would not torture him any longer by puttin him in the water.

Jaxon is doing and trying all kinds of things like...





...staring contests

...some not so new things like...

...funny poses

Did I mention we get to feed Jaxon at some cool places. This is North Rincon beach...Rincon beach is a famous surf spot for So Cal.

Have a blessed day.


Friday, March 31, 2006

hmmm...Jaxon & Rice Cereal

Jaxon is now officially grown up. He is eating rice cereal like it is his job.

Only problem I think it is the rice cereals job to not stay inside his mouth.

Michelle and I are constantly amazed by how good Jaxon is...and how cute he is. I know we have the whole mom and dad biased thing going on...but come on he is a good lookin' kid.

It is interesting to me that the first thing people ask me is, "Are you tired." I almost feel guilty saying, "Uh, nope he sleeps through the night 7 to 7." Yes, i know this is unusual. And yes, I know that most parents are sleep depraved individuals but I am telling you this kid is easy.

This morning we got up a little late, 7:19 to be exact, and i walked into his room and there he was looking up at dad smiling. Saying, "Ok, ready when you are." He puts up a minimal fight when going to bed too. CRAZY!

Well, I can't seem to download my pics for today. The easyshare kodak z740 not quite so easy.

Michelle and I are both healthy. And getting settled into our home and groovin'
I hope you all are well. God Bless!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Pics from Daddy's day home 3-24

Just a few pics of our stud.
Jaxon You-An McKinney! The hiking pictures as you will see are Rocky Peak. This mountain is next to the pass as you go into Simi. When the 94 earth quake hit this mountain grew 22". Now how they measure that I am not sure however kind of cool stuff.
The couple that is holding Jaxon is Michelle's brother Johnny and his fiance Caroline.
The picture of me and the jogger (which will get a ton of use) the valley behind me is Simi.
Love to all. mmj

Friday, March 17, 2006

Grammy and Grandpa Sackett's Visit

Below are several pictures from Grammy and Grandpa's visit (michelle's mom/dad).
Our little man is growing and has moved from 6oz. to 9oz. in his feedings. He is growing out of his clothes that fit him a week or 2 ago...crazy. God is so good. mark

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

casa mckinney

Good Evening Everyone,
Late on Wednesday and wanted to get this up on the site. Michelle is feeding Jaxon right now before we put him down for the night. Tomorrow hopefully we can get a few pictures of Grammy Sackett and Jaxon up on the site. All the pictures she has taken are on her camera. Jaxon is getting heavier, figuring out he can suck on his thumb...or just about. He is still figuring out that mommy and daddy are not going anywhere.
He is a little stud as well. Dady speaking here:-). Below are some pictures of where we just moved to...and a few of Jaxon in his bouncy seat.

Our Street

Our Home just freshly painted inside and out!

A shot of the kitchen from the tv/fireplace room

Jaxon's Room

Guest Bedroom

Picture of Master bath entrance.

Master Bedroom

TV Room

Office space that is super big and basically swallows up our little computer desk.

TV/Fireplace room from Kitchen



uhhh....more backyard


And of course our little man. We are continually amazed at the story of God with in our own lives. Thank you for continually praying for us.
A few prayer items:
1. Pray that Jaxon's heart will desire to know Jesus.
2. Pray that Jaxon will bond with Michelle and I.
3. Pray for others who are thinking about adoption.
4. Pray for The Home of God's Love and their ministry.
5. Praise God for His providential care.

mark, michelle, and Jaxon